Rubinetterie Eurorama Spa


09 March 2020


Dear Customers,
The news circulating following the current state of health emergency worries us but does not stop us. Eurorama's working life continues without interruption. In compliance with the health regulations of our Country, we have taken extraordinary measures to maintain a high level of hygiene and safety in the workplace, as well as in our daily lives. Eurorama does not intend to stop, on the contrary we are increasingly aware of the professional skills of our collaborators and in the understanding of our Customers, this is why we are confident that we will be able to overcome this particular moment. We belong to a great Country where culture, design, food, fashion, innovation are only a part of the values that we are able to represent. We strongly believe that this situation is only temporary and we are sure that, as soon as this period is over, we will become even stronger than before. 

Thank you.