Rubinetterie Eurorama Spa


30 April 2015


The modern design trends converge towards essential forms both regarding sanitary wares, both regarding faucets. Single-lever basin mixer in some cases can be replaced by a wall-mounted version, especially when the basin is in sit-on version. In these cases the mixers must be build-in installed with a consequent increase of costs; then in case of maintenance, the consequences can become unpredictable and economically out of control. To avoid these issues, we propose a tangible solution, TECNOBOX SYSTEM, structured by the junction of two elements



with the separation of  the two parts, Tecnobox System becomes flexible. To complete Tecnobox system also is thought to give it a double-layer soundproofing, applied between built-in and external parts, below the wall tiles, so ensuring great reduction of noise. Thanks to Tecnobox system you can then:

1. reduce costs of installation

2. reduce installation time and easy installation

3. easy maintenance without breaking the wall

4. noise and condensate reduction

Tecnobox system is available for most of our lines, articles opening to Tecnobox system are highlighted by its logo.