Rubinetterie Eurorama Spa


01 May 2015


The UNIBOX system is a real alternative to the classic bath / shower system inside the bathroom, it is composed of a single built-in unit, designed to accommodate a large number of control elements, which are separated from the unit. recessed. The advantage of this system is that you are no longer bound only to a single tap model, but over time it is possible to replace the model itself or the system, with another and simply without dismantling the built-in body or perhaps even the wall covering. UNIBOX is a product designed for the use of both traditional single-lever mixers and thermostatic mixers, the small size of the built-in unit (69mm) allows application even in less thick walls, so as to make it extremely easy to install, maintaining however high levels of soundproofing than with easy maintenance, allowing this product to be simply flexible. We will shortly publish the product range.