Rubinetterie Eurorama Spa


Eurorama was founded in 1972 in Quarona, in the northwest of Italy (Piedmont), in the heart of the Sesia Valley Industrial District of Sanitary Fittings. Thanks to the strong technology-oriented industrial vocation of the founder, Rino Frigiolini, today with the aid of his son Mauro and daughter Gabriella as a sign of continuity, the company has quickly become a reference point for its quality, especially appreciated by those markets particularly attentive towards this important aspect. Over the years, Rubinetterie Eurorama became increasingly a reference point for its customers. Germany became the first export market in 1973, but the real turning point was still to come. It was only one year later, in fact, when the first ceramic disc cartridge was designed and developed, the famous UNIMATIC. After the structural expansion of the first plant, in 1976 Eurorama began to cooperate with technically oriented multinational companies and after four decades some of these are still customers. A further expansion of the plant was required in 1990, while in 1994 a new facility for the production of ceramic disc cartridges, adjacent to the original plant, was inaugurated. It was the year 2000, when in the modern industrial area of Roccapietra in Varallo Sesia the plant no. 3 covering an area of about 10,000 square meters was opened. Since then, this site become the company’s general headquarters. As from 2005, in addition to a further growth and expansion in new areas of Europe, Eurorama entered the Middle East and a few other Asian markets, thus proving the appreciation towards the quality values of its original Italian products. In 2007, after a decade of making commercial investments, the Italian market too became a protagonist achieving the first position in terms of geographical area by turnover. The mission of Rubinetterie Eurorama S.p.A. is to bring the creative and aesthetic concept of the “Italian style” to the world, through the medium of collections of exclusive products for the bathroom and kitchen decoration. The cutting-edge technology mixed with creativity and the Italian "know how", has enabled us to develop innovative products such as TECNOBOX, LOGICO, UNIBOX, all built-in multifunctional systems which increase the ease of installation but also flexibility in the replacement of external parts over time. All these are clearly, simply examples of projects developed by Eurorama.

Our company put itself on the market as an innovative tool of coordinated design, whose products are distributed exclusively through the most stylish Show Rooms in over 30 countries worldwide, while ensuring its expertise by means of the most important international approvals as well as the EN ISO 9001 certification. We are increasingly convinced that “to produce” is first and foremost to satisfy our Customer offering a variety of successful and steady high-quality products.