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Water saving


The theme of water stress or water crisis is increasingly relevant, especially because of climate changes added to the increase in demand for water. European water resources are estimated at some 3,500 km3/year, despite that over 18% of the European population lives in a state of water stress and this value is steadily increasing. According to research published in Nature Geoscience magazine, a more parsimonious consumption of water in the household activities, along with other "small" adroitness, it would meet the global water needs by 2050.

Do you know that:

  • The fresh water available for human consumption, is less than 3% of water availability in the world?
  • To produce 1 kg of beef, it takes about 16,000 liters of water?
  • 1 kg. corn requires 900 liters?

There is even more:





Thanks to the ecological awareness, we are distinguished for, we have been using a cartridge that can save up to 75% water for more than 10 years, while still enjoying the comfort of a standard cartridge. All our taps using a cartridge size of 40mm diameter can be equipped with a WS cartridge (Water Saving). By design, the WS cartridge is similar to our Easy Spin cartridges but with a special device, that allows a water savings up to 75%. During the phase of opening of the control lever handle, a device stops the opening when the lever is moved to position 8 ° of opening of the mixer. In case of need it is possible (by further lifting the control lever) to open completely the mixer, but this must be a voluntary action by the user. In so doing, using one of our mixers you can reduce on average from 40 to 60% with peaks up to 75% of water. To order a mixer with WS cartridge, simply add the symbol Y to the product code. In addition to this, two additional saving systems are available on our cartridges, the device for the limitation of the water flow and that for the reduction of the maximum temperature of water, all with a few simple steps in the installation phase. The initials "WS" in the product description, highlight the option available on request.


In addition to WS system are available (on our cartridges), two further systems for additional water savings, water flow reduction system and water temperature control system needful to adjust the temperature; all with a few simple steps during the installation phases. To choose WS cartridge, add Y letter at product code, highlights the option available on request.


Water flow reduction system

The water flow reduction device is positioned near to the cartridge, with a allen key rotating clockwise you can reduce the water flow, so that you can avoid wasting water.

Water temperature control system

When water temperature it’s overly hot, you can reduce it with a simply adjustment, always on the cartridge is located a colored disk, lift it and turn counterclockwise it’ possible reduce the temperature as you like (any reference reduces the maximum hot water temperature of 4°C approx). Both devices are allocated under the handle, to access it is necessary to remove it.


Water saving is a duty for everyone...

because the water is an asset for everybody !!!

Eurorama has always been engaged in environmental protection and has therefore equipped all three of its plants with installations designed to capture the solar energy. Our systems provide 120MWp of clean energy, avoiding the emission in the atmosphere of 78 tons of CO2. The photovoltaic system produces clean electricity using as "fuel" the rays of the sun, boundless energy, a huge benefit to the environment; Eurorama’s photocoltaic system, also contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide immisions (CO2), main responsible of the greenhouse effect. The energy produced by a photovoltaic system allows to avoid, in addition, the release into the atmosphere of fine dust and other polluting gases resulting from the combustion, with a secure benefit for the environment and for all of us.